My Project Videos


Africa Videos

New Zealand Videos

Desert Sailing/Camping Adventure

Robot Pool Party

Pinball Wizard

Magnesium Fire

Flamethrower Fireworks

Burning Evan's Truck

Winter Pig Roast 2008

Bugs, Frisbee, Droogs, Dishes

My Dad: 2700 lb Grill Action Shots and Tractor Rebuilding

Remote Smack in the Face Story

Motorcycling Up Mt. Wilson

Collins: Stuck and Pissing

Sam the Wonder Weiner Dog

Driving... Listening to Joe Frank

Blasting Snake Shot

Easy Riding

Shooting a Freezer Filled With Rotting Meat

Home Sweet Home

Nate and Emily's Wedding

Tractor, Sparks, and Smoke

Paul and Ayca's Wedding

Oliver's Voicemail Messages

Valencia Crazy Magic

Evan's Voicemail Song

Dad Feeds Sam Pasta

8-Bit Concert